Windshield Repair
Key-less Remote
Paint-less Dent
and Ding Repair
Rim Protection
Lost Key Replacement
Flat Tire Protection

Auto Buyers Network

Q. How can I begin offering ABN Complete Auto Protection?
A. Click here to fill out our contact form.
Q. What's included in complete auto protection?
A. Tire and Wheel Protection - Paint-less Dent and Ding Repair - Full Roadside Assistance - Key and Remote Replacement - Windshield Repair
Q. Can I buy auto protection directly from Auto Buyers Network?
A. No. You can only purchase auto protection from your credit union or local dealership.
Q. When does my coverage begin?
A. The date of delivery or date you pick up your vehicle.
Q. Who can purchase Auto Protection?
A. Anyone who opts in at the time that they purchase any new or pre owned car with a production date of ten years or newer.
Q. What if I only receive one key at the time of purchase?
A. You are ONLY eligible for Ultimate protection which excludes key and remote protection.
Q. How long is the coverage?
A. Can be as long as the full length of your loan or up to 5 years, whichever is shorter.
Q. Is this the same product dealerships offer?
A. Similar. Dealerships and insurance companies usually sell each product individually and it cost much more.
Q. Is this transferable?
A. Yes. See contract for instructions and full details.
Q. Who handles claims calls and inquiries?
A. We do. We have designated toll free numbers for each available service.
Q. How can I report a claim?
A. Call the appropriate phone number on the reverse side of your contract.
Q. Does Auto Buyers Network offer any other products?
A. Yes. We offer G.A.P, Extended Warranties, Auto Buying Discounts Tire and Wheel Protection, Paint-less Dent and Ding Repair, Full Roadside Assistance, Key and Remote Replacement and Windshield Repair, all as stand alone products.
Q. What is Complete Auto Protection?
A. Complete Auto Protection combines the most popular products that car-buyers need - ALL INCLUSIVE, without hidden costs, claim limits or deductibles. Only interested in one product? buy any one product as a standalone or create your own package.